Building Regulations

In most cases your Proposed development will require a Building regulations application.

Building Regulations set standards for design and construction which apply to most new buildings and many alterations to existing buildings, the Building regulations are separated into the following categories: –

DSB prepare detailed plans for Building Regulations Approval and as a registered partner with Rochford Council Building Control we are able to discuss and submit all of our applications for Building Regulations approval to one Council, no matter where in England the site may be. The Council will check our plans and discuss them with the relevant local authority during the approval period to fully assess the proposals and resolve any queries which may arise. If amendments to the plans are required the Council will email us and we will deal with them straight away. Once the Council are satisfied the local Authority will issue the Building regulations Approval.When the work begins on site, the local authority in the area takes over for the construction phase, providing on-site advice and inspections.

The greatest benefit of the Partnering scheme is the consistency in interpretation of the building regulations and our design proposals will always be assessed by the same building control team leading to a more efficient application process.

For more information relating to the building regulations you can visit the Rochford Building control website.