Party Wall Act

The Party Wall Act 1996 came into force in 1997

The Party Wall Act does not affect any requirement for Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approval but where applicable a Party wall notice must be served.

Where the work requires a notice to be served, it is better to informally discuss the intended work and consider the neighbours comments before serving the notice.

Some of the works covered by the Party Wall Act include:

  • Excavations within 3 metres of a neighbouring building where the excavation will exceed the depth of the foundations of an adjacent building.
  • Excavations within 6 metres of an adjacent building where the excavation will be below a line drawn 45° downwards from the bottom of the foundations of the adjacent building.
  • Increasing the height or thickness of a party wall.
  • Demolition of a Party wall
  • Rebuilding a party wall.
  • Cutting into the party wall.
  • Underpinning a party wall.
  • Insetion of a damp proof course

To find out whether or not your proposed works are affected by the Act we suggest you discuss your proposal with a Part Wall Surveyor. For more information regarding Party walls we recommend the following Party Wall Surveyors, you can visit their websites and contact them at the following web addresses:-